Program Services


WE Achieve Our Mission Through a Variety of Services

ENABLE (Employment Network for Adults Challenged by Birth and Life Events): The umbrella term used to describe the components ADVP and Supported Employment.

program1ADVP (Adult Developmental Vocational Program): This program focuses on teaching individuals work skills and appropriate interaction in the workplace. Participants earn a paycheck while simultaneously learning necessary skills to be employed within the community.

Supported Employment: Supported employment means working for pay in an integrated, community setting. Participants work with an Employment Specialist to attain and maintain jobs. We provide support and training; the people we serve provide the hard work and dependability.



ICF (Intermediate Care Facility) Day Services: This funding source is similar to ADVP; however, staff/participant ratios are smaller due to the intensity of participant needs.

program3Modules: Designed to assist individuals with acquisition, retention, or improvement in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills. Training Modules are set up to provide a variety of options that create a stimulating environment for people served and is driven by the individual person-centered plan.


WE CREATE:  “WE Create: An Arts Education Opportunity,” offers art residencies. Each residency lasts eight to ten sessions, one to two times a week, with each class lasting an hour and a half. Teaching artists, trained to work with people with disabilities,  work hands-on with participants. The artists will demonstrate numerous adaptive materials and alternative solutions which enables all participants to benefit from the arts experience.The goals of the residences are to foster creativity, artistic expression and self confidence in adults with disabilities. Participants engage in hands-on, interactive arts programming led by professional teaching artists who have experience working with individuals of varying ability levels. WE’s residencies will focus on visual art, music, and dance. We are including people with disabilities in their community by having a local artist come to them, they will attend a community event, and the community will be invited to WE to see what they have learned. Participants will demonstrate the following outcomes: increased knowledge of artistic discipline and successful application of skills; increased motivation, engagement, sense of pride; and improved interpersonal communication and socialization skills.

WE would like to thank the City of Raleigh Arts Commission for their support. WE CREATE is funded in part by the City of Raleigh based on recommendations of the Raleigh Arts Commission.



NC Innovations: This Medicaid waiver provides one-to-one or small group services to people with more intensive needs.

Job Enclaves: These mobile crews take the people we serve out of Wake Enterprises facilities and into the work place.

If you would like more information about our program services, please contact Karen Coffey, Program Services Director, at 919.714.6167 or