Business Services

Business Services


At the heart of our vocational training program is our subcontracting service. Businesses provide our teaching aids through the jobs they outsource with us to complete.


busines1Businesses can reduce payroll costs. An average employer can expect to pay for training, workers compensation, and benefits in addition to salaries. With Wake Enterprises, we are the employer and incur these costs.

busines2Low piece-rate pricing means that businesses are only paying for what has been produced. This means that no business will be charged for work that has yet to be completed until the order arrives at their business.

busines3Our large work force helps us to customize every order for our customers. We offer more flexibility than other sub-contracting services, while keeping our prices competitive.

busines4With two locations across Wake County, our turn around time is expedient. Work is delivered on-time and accurate. Expectation for quality will be exceeded.

We take pride in being able to customize each job in order to satisfy the unique needs of individual companies. Our specialties include:

* Electronic Subassembly * Small Parts Assembly * Corrugated Box And Insert Assembly * Taping,Banding, And Shrink Wrapping * Photo Engraving * Fulfillment Services * Collating
* Folding * Stapling * Envelope * Stuffing * Sealing * Labeling * Stamping * Sorting * Counting
* Bagging Small Parts * Packing * Packaging

Some of our Customers include:
* First Citizens Bank *Glover Printing * Laffodilane * Siemens Corporation * Elster Electricity * Wake Med * Tipper Tie

Raleigh’s Glover Printing Co. uses Wake Enterprises to band together batches of paper. Packaging supervisor Linda Edmundson said the work is professionally done and the price is competitive. “It makes us feel good that we are giving them work to do,” she said.
North Raleigh News, December 2010

“Wake Enterprises is not a sheltered workshop ; it is an industry. The difference is it’s an industry where many of the people working have developmental disabilities.”